Start using the easiest, most compliant CRM today.

Proven to save time and money for providers of
Employment Services and NDIS.

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Key Features

Software that saves you time


Avoid double entry

More integration with government systems than any CRM with CHIMPS (our robotics) completing thousands of tasks daily for you.

ESS integration

Instant, compliant storage

QR code scanning for reliable,
document filing that saves minutes
every appointment.

Secure storage

Drive optimal workflows

Task management software that
streamlines work and makes it easy to
monitor and report progress.

Configurable workflow

More ways to simplify your workday

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Automated servicing

Send automatic SMS and emails with follow ups based on client response.

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Best in-class analytics

Build on our suite with comprehensive reports of all system activity.

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Vacancy management

Enter all your job details in Bridge and they automatically track in ESS.

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Payslip trackers

We’ve processed $2.5BN+ transactions with no clawbacks.

Quickly Adjust to change

Track your outcomes in real time

Covid-19 has impacted how you work and Bridge is committed to helping you manage the new landscape for government contracts.

  • Easily adjust tasks to match new service design
  • Track payslips in real time to maximize outcomes
  • Establish automatic servicing to support clients 24/7
  • Make it easy for staff to swap appointments in emergency
  • Utilise Bridge synchronisations to work as efficiently as possible
See how Bridge can help


Flexible software to match your business

Every contract has unique challenges and Bridge has been designed (and is accredited) to support the following government programs.

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“After using Bridge, I think I would be lost without it and not know how to survive without it. I have customised Bridge to our business needs and for someone who is highly organised this ticks all my boxes.”

Soula Krikelis
DES Manager, The Bridge



Enterprise Customer