As a care provider you want to give your clients the best care available, and ensuring your workforce are equipped with a good software system is essential.

Bridge Care has been designed by industry specialists to increase the efficiency of your organisation. 

Proactively manage clinical care

Flexible Charts and Assessments

Improve quality and efficiency by utilising the clinical assessment tools in Bridge Care. Customisable forms and assessments significantly reduce risks and increase quality outcomes. 

Dynamic Care Planning

Using the dynamic care plans for each of your residents ensures they will be in good hands. Advanced care plans can be customised and developed within the system so your staff can focus on what they do best ~ care. 

Clinical Documentation

Ensure all your clients' documents are held securely on a hosted environment that has been IRAP certified by the Australian Signals Directorate.  

Trending Observations

Record residents' vital signs directly into the system and trigger alerts should an individual fall outside of their specified range. 

Seamlessly manage facilities

Occupancy Management

Bridge Care manages the circle of care for your clients. Bridge Care manages all of your residents' demographics, referrals, forms, test results, activities, assessments and billing details.

Risk Management

Minimise risk in your facility by recording potential incidents in customisable risk assessment tools. Online FRAT and WHS assessment tools allow easy reporting for audits and accreditations. 

Campaign Management

Run and track targeted campaigns in your regions. Use this solution to attract new clients, and better understand your existing care recipients and their families. 

Consumable Orders

Ensure your facility is stocked with consumables by ordering online as supplies run low. Order any time, day or night, and feel safe that all details are kept secure. 

Enable your workforce

Workforce Rostering

The master schedule is a visual identifier of full time, part time and casual staff to ensure that rosters are filled and workers meet their required employment hours. 

Finance/Payroll Exports

Export .csv files from Bridge Care to financial management and payroll systems. Automated interfacing (APIs) also available. 

Understand the costs of your business

Business Intelligence

Bridge Care is developed to meet the changes to the industry and provide CDC, therefore each activity conducted by the provider can be costed and measured. 

Sophisticated Reporting

Real time reports on the actual time spent on activities allows for more accurate business process decisions to be made.


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