Rupert Taylor-Price
Founder / Director
Rupert is the founder of Hivetec. He is responsible for continuing to guide the company to deliver market leading solutions and exceptional customer service. Rupert is a serial entrepreneur with particular passions for technology, security, and Australian employment services.
Ian Keogh
Chief Executive Officer
Ian is the Chief Executive Officer at Hivetec. He is responsible for building an amazing team that develop solutions that solve real world business problems and deliver a commensurate customer experience. Ian's experience includes financial services, management consulting and employment services.
Ria Wood
Care Director
With a background in aged care, ICT and education, Ria is responsible for driving the business strategy for Hivetec’s care solutions. She provides thought leadership and vision whilst working with industry partners and healthcare organisations to leverage technology in the evolving health care industry. Ria holds a Bachelor of Teaching, a Master of Education degree, and is currently undertaking an MBA.
Jeff Wigney
Sales Leader
Jeff's background has included consulting to Australian business on sales productivity and performance but most recently he was the Australian Operations Manager for US Human Capital Management company, Kenexa, before being appointed as ANZ Channel Leader for IBM's Smarter Workforce. Jeff is responsible for business development within Hivetec.
David Low
Product Manager - Bridge Employment
David is the Bridge Employment Product Manager at Hivetec. He is responsible for understanding business challenges and translating clever solutions into technical specifications. David has broad employment services experience with particular domain expertise in outcome management.
Sean O'Donnell
Product Manager - Bridge Care
Sean is a passionate and technical expert in aged care and NDIS. His skills have been strongly developed over 26 years in ICT and health care. His understanding of the industry comes from experience consulting to aged and home care organisations. Sean designed the product that is required for care providers to increase their capabilities.
Igor Kapkov
Chief Technology Officer
Igor is a driven CTO with several years experience as a software engineer and a passion for highly scalable digital systems. He has an ongoing commitment to Computer Science and a dedication to using the right tools for the job as a vehicle to innovate and enhance output and build great products that make positive differences to end users.
Amir Shareghi Najar (PhD)
Data Scientist
Amir is the Data Scientist at Hivetec. He is responsible for working with customers to derive insights through data mining and data visualisation. Amir’s experience includes predictive modelling, user modelling and business analytics. He has more than 7 years of industrial and academic experience in consultancy, research, software development and data science.
Richard Tapper
Quality Assurance Manager
Richard is responsible for ensuring that any changes being introduced into Hivetec's suite of solutions are as designed and does not introduce any unintended consequences. He has spent his career in various roles within the technology sector. Richard understands the architecture and design of computer programs and is able to evaluate them at all levels.
Guy Belcastro
Customer Experience Manager
Guy is responsible for leading a team of specialists to deliver exceptional customer service. Guy has extensive experience which includes consulting, training and area/regional management. In addition, Guy has been responsible for running specialist contracts in the areas of Mental Health and Ex Offender and Work for the Dole project management.