Home Care Software

HCS has been developed in line with industry reforms to enable home care and support providers. HCS provide proven software to manage workers, clients, and packages.
Customer Relationship Management

HCS CRM actively tracks and manages information related to existing and prospective organisations (e.g. enquiries, service providers, NDIA, suppliers, employers, RTOs, etc.). Information is presented on a single page, providing a complete view of the organisation, including history, key contacts, vacancies, activities, and purchase history. This page also acts as the hub where any new activity related to the organisation is transacted.

Mobile Application

The field application is a fully contained application available on a tablet or mobile device. It contains all schedules and client information required for a two day period. When a worker arrives at their client’s residence they simply click the start button. They then work through the list of activities to be completed during the visit checking them off as they go. Client quoting and electronic signatures can be captured instantly when in the client's home.

Scheduling and Rostering

The master schedule provides a look for the coordinator across their state, region and/or territory, enabling a visual identifier of full time, part time and casuals to ensure that staff are rostered to meet their required employment hours. The system matches the preferences from the client, time of appointment and the skills set of the worker to complete the required activities during the visit. The GeoCoding of worker and client addresses assists in best route mapping and directions.

Email Campaigns

By leveraging the key contacts stored against organisations and clients, Email Campaigns allows marketing professionals to develop, distribute and track email campaigns. As part of the campaign process, marketers are able to create and manage unique and targeted distribution lists.